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[Q] Can Ayurved treat Parkinson?

[A] Yes,not only parkinson but many other neurological disease like Facial neuralgia,Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis, Paraplegia, Bell'spalsy, Convulsions.

[Q] Is it better than Allopathic medicine?

[A] Yes it creates fundamental changes in the body and restores the proper balance to keep it normal & healthy.

[Q] Can it give permanent relief?

[A] Yes, we do not claim miracles. This is a well-proven Indian system of medicine. It takes up to 3 years to bring fundamental balance in our body. After this, the change is permanent.


[A] We're not absolutely sure. It seems that the fluctuation is due to theplasma level of Levadopa. Generally the level remains high for about three hours and then begins to drop off. Over a period of years the patients develop a faster rate of absorption leading to greater fluctuations. Hence, the therapeutic effect tends to peak faster and fall of more rapidly. However, the pattern varies with the individual.

[Q] Dr.Paneri, What is the relationship between your medicine and Levadopa?

[A] When a patient shows some improvement with the use of my medicine, I urge  them  to  continue with their other medicines. Usually after six months patients develop  strength. At this time, if the Parkinson symptoms become
less  pronounced,  and  there  are no  complications , I  reduce  the dose of Levadopa down to the minimum. After the reduction is effective, I add some more powerful medicine, which will reduce Levadopa dependency further.


[A] I have not seen any significant problems when they are taken together. Occasionally patients have gas problem, and some complain of anorexia.

[Q] Do you offer a PD patient advice on diet, posture, sleeping and exercise?

[A] Yes. There is a well-organized plan on the above matters as well as other procedures. This will be provided after you register as a patient.


Helpful tips for Parkinson's Patients

Parkinson patients should take more sleep accept that you may need less sleep or your sleep divided in two periods. Longer stretch at night and shorter nap in afternoon. Don't drink alcohol before go to bed. Alcohol tends to cause rebound insomnia when we get older glass may take before got to bed make you sleepy but there are chances you will be awake after few hours sleep Avoid to see violence film on T.V, video,violence film can make exitment & you can not sleep. Avoid tea, coffee,plenty of water or juice drinking will make your bladder full.& you will be wake up mid night. Don't depressed . Think positive adopt positive attitude towards life. Face your fear gradually Explore various type of activities try to learn to accept an increased level of dependence without losing your dignity. Talk with friends other Parkinson patient and learn how other people are become happy. You are not alone , sit with your family members then listen their problems & then decide how you can help your family members. Then family members will co-operate you. Consult your doctor & take advice for physiotherapy ,speech therapy. Don't feel sad or lonely only you got Parkinson disease other wise you are also clever intelligent.

Pls describe Ayurvedic daily routine for all doshas for healthy body


The tongue is the mirror for internal well-being. Coating on the tongue, besides being unattractive shows the presence of ama or undigested toxic materials and should be removed each morning to avoid being swallowed back into the system According to Ayurveda; the early morning regimen should include an examination of the tongue. Placing at the back of the tongue and scraping forward with a gentle, massaging motion, use the tongue cleaner. One size is suitable for both adults and children. Tongue cleaner must be made of silver, coper or steel.

Mini Massage (1-2 minutes)

Marma Points

Marma are junction points between mind and body. Where consciousness becomes the material structure of the quantum mechanical body. According to Ayurveda there are 107 classical marma points which can be enlivened be gently stimulating these sites with the appropriate essential oils. The three primary marmas are.


Daily Ayurvedic oil massage is an essential part of the Ayurvedic routine and one of the most important self-care therapies you can do in your home. These dosha -specific oils are specifically blended using sesame oil and classical Ayurvedic herbs.


Gently massaging your marma points with the dosha -specific oil can help to reduce energy blockages and re-establish the natural flow of energy and intelligence throughout the physiology.




Useful tips for Parkinson patients





To control  saliva  accumulation you  must  swallow  and swallowing may no
longer be an automatic reflex. You may have to force your self to remember
to swallow



Hand writing

Cutting Food




Turning in bed

When turning to one side first turn your head then push off with the opposite
foot  and  rotate your hips.  As  soon  as your  hips start to move reach your
uppermost arm in the same direction.
When you want to sit up lie on your side facing out near the edge of the bed.
Place  both  hands flat on the bed in front of your chest. Push down with your
hands and swing your legs over edge.
To get out of bed first sit up on the edge of the bed, put both feet on the floor.
Place your hands to your hips and push off slowly.
Bed rails and overhead trapeze will make it easier to move and sit up in bed
Satin bed sheets reduce fraction and make movement easier
Install nightlight
Install light switches where you can reach them easily while in bed.


Accident-proof your bathroom. Replace  glass  and slippery bath mats  and
use paper cups.
Tile flooring in the bathroom can become slippery and dangerous when wet. Consider replacing it with wall -to wall carpeting.
Install  sturdy  grab  bars  next  to  bath, toilet and  wherever  else you  need
balance and support. Never use towel racks for support.
Avoid  standing  up  in  bathtub. If you like to take  showers, consider  sitting
down in the shower or place rubber mats on the floor of the tub.
Instead  of  drying  with  towel  after  your  bathe  put on a   terry clothe robe
Use an electric toothbrush. Ask your dentist for recommendations.


Warm  baths  and  regular  massage  will  help  relax  tired  muscles.
Place hot pad on muscles that tend to get sore.
Stretch every day -especially before exercising.
Exercise daily to build stamina.
Don't overdo physical activities-know your limits and stay within them.
If  you  have  bother  some   sensations  in  your  hands,  feet  or  limbs
massage  the  area  gently  and   then  apply  hot  or  cold   compress
whichever helps.
When your hands or feet get cold wear gloves or warm socks.


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