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All in the family
By Komal Jain
Tele life middle east newspaper

Only if you have lived in close contact with an individual suffering from Parkinson's - can you know how slowly the disease creeps upon a person - how gradual it's take over and how hopeless the future looks afterwards.

Parkinson's disease is one of a larger group of neurological conditions called motor system disorders. In the normal brain, some nerve cells produce the chemical dopamine, which transmits signals within the brain to produce smooth movement of muscles. In Parkinson's patients, 80 percent or more of these dopamine-producing cells are damaged, dead, or otherwise degenerated. This causes the nerve cells to fire wildly, leaving patients unable to control their movements. The result of this imbalance is a lack of coordination of your movement that often appears as tremor, stiff muscles and joints, and/or difficulty moving.

Though full-blown Parkinson's can be crippling or disabling, experts say early symptoms of the disease may be so subtle and gradual that patients sometimes ignore them or attribute them to the effects of aging. Currently, there is no way to stop the loss of nerve cells that produce dopamine or to restore those that have already been lost. However, there are several methods, including drug therapy that can help you manage the slow decline in function that occurs with Parkinson's disease, and are not a 100% cure.

But there goes a famous saying - "Nothing is impossible."And treating Parkinson's is also not - impossible that is. Not if you chance upon Dr. Mukesh B. Paneri from Ahmedabad, India.

Dr Mukesh Paneri has facilitated outstanding success with patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. Recently on a visit to Dubai, this fifth generation ayurvedic doctor kick-started many people suffering with chronic ailments on the path to good health.

Probably the saying, 'It runs in the family, couldn't get more true for Dr. Paneri. Practicing since 1977, after obtaining a BSAM degree from Gujarat Ayurveda University, a prominent Ayurveda University in India, Dr Mukesh Paneri has been fortunate to learn the practical side of this profession with access to 3 generations of expertise and valuable formulas that help him to concentrate on the research aspect of various diseases. As a result, he has been successful in treating people suffering from some of the most challenging diseases: Parkinson's, MS, asthma and herpes.

"Our clinic in Ahmedabad was established in 1916. Since generations, our forefathers have been treating all types of ailments. We also have a farm in Rajasthan where we grow over 200 varieties of organic herbs to be used in the medicines we make. We also incorporate the use of ruby, coral gold etc. in our medicines. These metals are useful and cause no harm since they don't contain any arsenic or lead."

Though compatible with Ayurvedic principles, Dr Paneri's unique cure is different from traditional Ayurvedic treatments for Parkinson's. It is derived from 85 years of combined experience at Sharma Ayurvedic Clinic, and passed down through three generations.

Initial improvements are seen within 3 to 4 months. Between 1 to 3 years afterwards, the disease disappears 90% to 99%, and the medicine needn't be taken again.

At the moment there is no actual 'cure' for Parkinson's Disease in western medicine. The known treatments offer relief only while taking medication, and include a number of side effects.

Ayurvedic medicine offers relief and a cure, but with no side effects whatsoever.

Dr. Mukesh's father Bhavanishankar Paneri, who passed away last year, was president of Gujarat Ayurvedic Congress and editor of a popular Ayurvedic newspaper. Originally from Rajasthan, the family also has a clinic in the state which is taken care of, by Dr. Mukesh's younger brother.

Dr Mukesh Paneri has treated hundreds of patients in India. He has also been a visiting Ayurvedic doctor abroad, serving patients in Europe and America and noteworthy celebrities and dignitaries. He authors health articles which are published weekly in the daily newspaper, CHAUPAL. The legacy does not stop here though. The sixth generation of the Paneri doctors is already ready and raring to go. Dr. Mukesh's 22-year-old son Ravi, and nephew Siddharth are into their last year of studying ayurvedic medicine. Although why they need a degree is to be questioned since both youth have been practicing with their fathers since the age of 11. "We used to help count tablets and pack the medicine, and very soon we learnt by observing our elders," says Ravi. Both youngsters are fully into the practice - and why not - they do have 11 years of experience to back them up!

Probably the family is blessed with the gift of healing because of their noble intent. The Paneri's have helped thousands of needy patients regain health. Distributing free asthma cures to over 10,000 people just recently is just one of the examples of the charity work they do.

Dr Paneri specialises in the treatment of all chronic diseases for which western medicine has no cure, including MS and Neuralgia. You can also contact him for Ayurvedic support with any condition, illness or disease. A face-to-face meeting is always best; however, you can send your disease history to Dr Paneri by email. After evaluating your case he may be able to send you the supplements you require by mail.

His website also contains much more information about diseases and cures through Ayurveda, including testimonies.