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Dr. Paneri has successfully treated over 46 PD patients. He currently has over 300 PD patients. Some of their comments are below. If you would like to speak to any of his patients directly, please email him.

Dear Dr. paneri,

Since I started your medication for parkinson, Gradual reduction of certain neural problems including facial twiches, muscle spasms, ringing in the ears and tingling sensations.

Higher tolerance in coping with anxiety, depression, irritabilty and anger. Greater clarity of thought and better memory function.. increase in energy levels,endurance stamina.

Some ill patients have gone from doctor to doctor ,sometimes spending thousands on their healthcare only to be disappointed your medicine may be the missing bridge on the road to better health for many of parkinson patient.

--Hariprasad vora, Vinzol, Gujarat

Dear Dr paneri,

I Started your medicine for my Sinus. I have greater resistance to colds, influenza and other illness. Increased energy. Those whose sinus problems are more severe in nature I advised to consult Dr Paneri.

-- Kausik patel AHMEDABAD

Dear Dr Paneri,

I am parkinson patient since last ten years. I have improvement in my health. Better digestion,including a decrease inconstipatition, bloatedfeeling and intrerrupted sleep due to frequent urination A stonger sense of well being and increased genral perception of "feeling good"

-- Ramanlal Shah AHMEDABAD

Dear Dr Paneri,

I was having pain in right leg coupled with pain in chest if I walked more than kms particularly after dinner since more than last one yr. I was also feeling breathlessness and perspiration during the said period. I used to take pain killer medicine viz Sabratol as a remedial measure. On August 15 2001 I contacted a Cardiologist .I was treated for Parkinsons. However no concrete visible improvement was found. My son's friend advised me to contact Dr. Mukesh Paneri. Accordingly I contacted him on October 16 2001 and my treatment started. To my surprise slowly and gradually after dinner pain was gone in the very first month of the treatment. Besides walking was also possible in next fifteen days. And when today two months of Dr. Paneri's treatment, about 50% pain in right hand and leg have gone. And I am fee loin 50% relief in Parkinson's disease. My tremors and rigidity are quite less. I can write well with good handwriting.

-- Pravinbhai C. Vyas- - AHMEDABAD

I try Chinese medicine acupuncture, every thing. Finally I feel better I am on right path. I never dreamed I would be cured by Ayurvedic medicine. I contact Dr.Paneri for my physical health problems. My aching joints & stiffness became less.

Gorgoluck -- Moscow


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